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  • The Bhogpur Co-operative Sugar Mills Ltd. Bhogpur was registered under the Punjab Coop. Society Act-II 1912 in the name of "The Janta Coop. Sugar Mills L td. Bhogpur" by the Registrar Coop. Societies (east) Punjab vide letter No. 676 dated 22.5.1954.
  • The Central Govt. accorded its approval for installation of 800TCD sugar mills plant vide licence No. L/8/26/54/L/25/19 dated 8.11.1954.
  • The plant was installed at the cost of Rs. 98.58 lacs. in the year of 1955-56. It starts its first crushing season in the year 1956-57.
  • The name of the Coop. Sugar Mills was changed from "The Janta Coop. Sugar Mills Ltd. Bhogpur" in the year 1988 with the name of "the Bhogpur Coop. Sugar Mills Ltd. Bhogpur".
General Manager PHONE: 0181-5050276 M: 8968599778 EMAIL: bhogpurcsm@gmail.com
  • The capacity of the plants was enhanced from 800TCD to 1016 TCD in the year 1988 at a cost of Rs. 68 lacs by Ministry of Industry, Govt. of India, vide letter No. 8(41)-L.A.-II/87 dated 5.1.1988.
  • The approval for enhancement of the capacity of the plant from 1016 TCD to 2500 TCD was accorded vide No. 16/1990 dated 15.1.1990 which was further extended to 31.12.1998 vide letter No. F-25(15)/92/ST dated 27.3.1998 but due to unavoidable circumstance, the capacity of plants could not be expanded.
  • In the year 2009 efforts was made to survive the mills by handing over plant to M/s Spray Engineering Devices Ltd. Mohali on BOOT basis for 19 years. As per MOU the party was to commission 5500 TCD plant with 18MW co-generation plant by crushing season 2012-13. In consideration the party is to pay 6% of total turnover for first 15 years and thereafter 10% in addition to 2% of the cost of the sugarcane purchased. But due to dispute with Party regarding pledging of mills land for arranging loan.
  • The Mills completed its crushing season 2016-17 conticuosly serving the farmers of area for 61 years.
    The plant is still surviving with low capacity, outdated techniques, with obsolete machinery depending upon hydro and purchasing bagasse as fuel from outside sources, It is however given the best working performance among the Coop. Sugar Mills for the six years.
  • It is old obsolete, outdated and under capacity plant. This plant is running with low pressure and under capacity turbine of 1MW. It is having 4 boilers (10 ton each) of low pressure (13.7kg/cm2). Perhaps,it is only plant in World which is still running with low pressure 2 steam engines of each 400BHP (one steam engine is driving two mills and another is driving 3 mills. The present capacity of the plant (1016 TCD) is not viable unit
  • :FUTURE PLANNING: The Govt. of Punjab has approved shifting of The Faridkot Coop. Sugar Mills Plant & Machinery at Bhogpur Coop. Sugar Mills by investing Rs. 20.27 crore, the reserve price of Faridkot Sugar Mills Plant in the Share Capital of the Mills. Further Govt of Punjab approved Overhauling and Modernization of The Bhogpur Coop. Sugar Mills by balancing it at 3000 TCD, with 15MW Co-gen. plant. There will be provision for expansion to 4000TCD. This project is likely to be commissioning within 12 months as per The Detailed Project Report.
  • M/s JP Mukerji Pvt. Ltd. Pune has been appointed Consultant at a cost of Rs. 5.10 lacs named as Transaction Advisor whose job will be from Inception Report, Detailed Project Execution Report, finalization of Contract Agreement with party (Executive Agency) and supervision of shifting, erection & commissioning --- after commissioning of plant.

    M/s Uttam Industrial Engineering P. Ltd. Ghaziabad (lead member) and M/s Uttam Energy Systems Ltd. Pune (A Joint Venture) has been allotted the work of Installation, Commissioning and Running of the plants for one crushing season at Rs. 108.89 crores.

    The Agreement has been signed with the Party. The fund has been arranged. The Project of Bhogpur CSM is likely to be commissioned by 8 February, 2018.

    As such from crushing season 2019-20 the old mills will be closed and new mills of 3000TCD with 15MW Co-generation will start working.


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